Manifestation Mindset Collection

Attract don’t chase

What is meant for you will come. Don’t spend your entire life chasing after the things that were never meant for you. Instead, I want you to lean into the here and now. Stop stressing about tomorrow, next week, next year… start thinking about what you can do in the here and now to simply prepare yourself for the wonderful things headed your way. Cleanse yourself for what is coming. Remember that the laws of attraction are on your side. To prepare, I have laid out some easy ways to lay a foundation in preparation for what is to come.

  • celebrate small wins
  • practice gratitude and patience
  • honor your needs for rest and care
  • do a social media cleanse - unfollow and mute those that spark negative emotions inside you
  • declutter and release
  • Your next best season is on the way. Just be patient. Good things are coming


Handle Your Garment With Love <3

Cotton(70%), Linen(30%)

  • Dry clean only