Manifestation Mindset Collection

Raise your vibrations

We attract what we put out and that is absolutely critical to understand. It goes a little bit like this— You put out a shit attitude, negative emotions and pessimistic thoughts? You attract shitty friends, poor circumstances and a less than ideal life. Now I hate to be the one to give you some tough love, but I want that dream life for you just as much as you want it for yourself. So let’s look at this flip side… If you put out positive emotion, optimism and gratitude… you attract the good things in life. You should know, manifestation is not simply speaking it into existence. Rather, it is putting out the energy you want to receive. It is positioning yourself for the good things to fall into your lap. Here are some easy things to implement today that will raise your vibrations real quick—

  • music
  • dance
  • sunlight
  • self care
  • nature
  • movement
  • laughter

Now there is no excuse… just do the damn thing. Put out what you want to attract.


Handle Your Garment With Love <3

TENCEL™(96%), PU (Polyurethane)(4%)

  • Hand wash cold
  • Wash with similar colors
  • Do not bleach
  • Flat dry
  • Do not iron