How to Style The Lost & Found Crewneck — Summer Edition

The Lost & Found Crewneck is the perfect staple for cool summer sunsets. Whether you need something to throw over your shoulders after too much time in the sun, or a piece that effortlessly elevates some cute shorts and a ballcap... this crew is here for it all. So let's get into it!

For The Beach Gal

An all neutral, bright fit is arguably the most underrated look for the summer. Before you head out to the water, grab your favorite, neutral swimmie, slides and bucket hat for the most perfect, effortless, beach look. And while you're at it, a cute, crochet beach bag & aesthetically pleasing towel never hurt anyone. 

For Hot Girl Walks

Did you know hot girl walks are more productive while looking cute? At least we like to think so... Whether you're going for a morning or evening stroll, throw on your cutest sweat-shorts, trainers, and don't forget about your Lost & Found Crew to remind you of the bada$$ that you are. Now go get a good sweat, clear your mind and look hot while doing it!

For The City Girly

Going for a lunch date with the girls? Or are you just running errands around town? Look cute & comfy while doing it and you're guaranteed to have a better time. Pick out your coolest sneakers, shades, handbag, and your favorite pair of mom shorts for your day in the city!

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