September Angel Happenings

The secret is out… collection 2 is coming! If you haven’t heard on our socials or via email… we have restructured (like a lot and in the BEST way possible). As you all know, we are a new, small business. With that, there comes a very large learning curve. We are continuing to become the best brand we can be for YOU. To do so, we have begun manufacturing in the United Kingdom. So what does that mean? More mindful fabric sourcing, less carbon footprint, greater quality control, and more involvement in the design and manufacturing process. But it also means one other thing… It is a slower process. We stand by our motto that good things take time and this second collection is going to all things good!

 If you made it this far, you get some insider information on what is to come. Here are a few things you can expect from our second collection — 

  • The best quality yet
  • Elevated loungewear
  • A further dive into the streetwear side of Roaring Angel
  • A new way for our pieces to relay the story they hold
  • There may or may not be an angel numbers piece coming very soon



Aside from this exciting news, we have a couple of other things going on simultaneously that you are going to want to hear about...


Several weeks ago, we arrived in Vegas for the Magic Fashion Tradeshow. Our time there was nothing short of incredible and we wanted to tell you a little bit about it. In 72 hours, we had the opportunity to meet new faces, to learn a lot, and to be exposed to some of the most successful brands in the world. We spent our time walking the floor, exploring and simply observing all the ***magic*** in front of us (pun not intended). While we did not exhibit (YET!) We can hardly wait to get out on the floor and start selling to stores all around the country.




We are thrilled to announce that we are now selling on Faire and Hubventory! These are incredible wholesale platforms. We are so grateful and excited for this opportunity to share our brand with the world. So that being said, if you or anybody you know owns an apparel boutique or shop… you might have just stumbled upon your newest, favorite brand (for more information on getting RA in your store, contact

You can find us at the link below—



Since the beginning we have made it a priority to provide you angels with transparency. So today, that is what we are doing! I hope you feel all up to date now and that you are just as excited as we are for what is to come. It is a slow process but it is a beautiful one and we are just so grateful you are here to watch it happen!

With love... xo,