The 12 Step Design And Production Process

What the hell is taking so long?! Read more to find out!

“When is the new collection going to be here?? Are you ever going to release anything new?? Why is it taking so long??” I know, I know… It’s frustrating. But as we always say, good things take time. For all of those asking and wondering… we wanted to give a little break down. Below we have listed the detailed steps of design and production. We hope this will not only be informative, but will also help to explain “what the hell is taking so long?!”

1. Conceptualizing the Designs

The first step of all the madness is conceptualizing designs. This usually involves breaking out a notebook, scribbling down ideas, color palettes, quotes, etc. From there, I take it to my laptop. I use an online program to sketch, illustrate and design the latest styles. I play with everything from colors to logo placement. This, here, is where the creative juices get to run free.

2. Working with the Designer 

Now comes the technical design phase. After getting all the designs conceptualized, we team up with a professional designer. In the case of the second collection, we worked with the sweetest gal based out of the UK. She looks at my visions and we discuss plans and possibilities. After numerous Zoom calls and swapped emails, the tech packs** are underway and we are one step closer to production.

3. Moving on to the Manufacturer 

After our work with the designer is wrapped up, and we have the tech packs in hand, we are now ready to strike up a conversation with the manufacturer. Currently, we are working with a small batch manufacturer in the UK (they are the best!). We review designs with them, answer questions, ask even more questions and swap feedback. From there, we wait for our first samples. 

4. Toiles/1st Samples

Toiles/1st samples are made of any fabric to represent the shape and design of a garment. This is the first time we get to see the designs come to life in a tangible form!

5. Feedback

From here, we give feedback. We discuss the things we like and the things we don't like. We figure out how to make adjustments and how we are going to get each garment closer to the final product.

6. Fabric Search

Now that we have seen the garments, and have a better idea of how we want the products to look and feel, we begin the search for fabric. This involves watching videos, reading about the composition and learning the different qualities of each fabric.

7. Fabric Sampling

After deciding on which fabrics we want to try out, we order swatches that we actually get to touch and feel (this is the fun part). Here, we get to look at all the pretty colors, touch, feel and evaluate. After a decision has been made on which fabrics to experiment with, we place an order for sample production.

8. 2nd Samples

Following the feedback from the first round of samples and the fabric search, the second set of samples is produced and sent our way.

9. Feedback

Pretty much the same as the fifth step, except this time we also get to look at the fabric. Here we are getting closer to the final product!

10. TOPs/3rd Samples

After the last round of feedback, we begin our 3rd and final round of samples. Upon arrival, the garments are as close as they can be to perfection. While there still might be a few subtle tweaks, we are as close as we are going to get before moving into production.

11. Production 

One of the final steps in all the madness is most obviously, production! For the sake of not adding in the extra, individual steps, this is also where we order bulk fabric, trims, labels and tags. After all the supplies have been delivered to the manufacturer, production begins! Typically, production takes roughly 4-6 weeks.

12. Ready to purchase!

At last, the garments are here and ready for you…

While I left out several tedious steps, this is a brief overview of how this clothing line works. It truly is a labor of love. These little sketches that sit in a journal on my nightstand take a while to bring to fruition, but oh when they do… it’s good… really good. We can’t wait for you to see all the creations we have to come… very soon, I promise. 

xx, Reagan


Tech pack- a detailed, technical design of the garment that can be read and understood by a manufacturer